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Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire

Jet Setting Jasmine is a licensed clinical therapist with a strong emphasis on Intimacy Post Injury and Intimacy Post Illness. She is co-owner, with partner King Noire, of Award Winning, Royal Fetish Films and has over 20 years of experience as an adult entertainer, educator and Master Fetish Trainer.

King Noire is an accomplished writer, artist, MC and global activist using the proceeds of his album ‘Music Is My Weapon’ to build a school, fresh water well and medical clinic in Guinea Bissau, West Africa. 

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The Royal Fetish Collection is INsertable

Royal Fetish FemDom Collection Lust Arts King Noire Jet Setting Jasmine Insertables and Edging Band Dildo

Royal Fetish Film owners Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire return to Lust Arts to produce the first-of-its-kind, FEMDOM Insertable Toy and Edging Body Band set. Pleasure and Pain together take center stage in this collection. Focusing on both Owner and owned, we’ve created this set to deliver a custom domination experience.

Whether you play out this fantasy with your favorite virtual dominants on, revel in it with a play partner, or enjoy it all to yourself, this collection helps you worship your kink like it is a Goddess-given right.

This collection is ethically designed by Lust Arts, where we focus on keeping items body-safe, easy-to-clean, and disability informed. We’re also a woman-owned, LGBTQ+ run small business. Our products are handmade in the US for living wages and produced with strict quality assurance and warranties.

Layers of Lust Harness

Created in collaboration with Jet Setting Jasmine, here’s a unique strap-on harness specifically designed to be used with the Royal Fetish X Lust Arts Line of Insertables, from the Queen’s Command to the King Noire Collection. This 3 in 1 deluxe convertible strap on harness fits a variety of toys and body shapes!

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