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Discrimination in the Adult Industry 


The porn industry and sex work is often stigmatized, but adult performers face racism, discrimination, and pay disparities within the industry. Host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with Daily Show segment director Stacey Angeles, and adult entertainers and co-creators of the adult film production company, Royal Fetish Films, Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire to discuss how the porn industry perpetuates racist stereotypes and capitalizes on racist film titles, how consumers can hold companies accountable, and what constitutes a sexual “fantasy.” #DailyShow #BeyondTheScenes

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3 money habits a 6-figure-earning sex worker and a millionaire CEO have in common

Sex educator and adult entertainer Jet Setting Jasmine earns six figures annually, yet the stigma sex workers face makes it hard for her to manage her money. 

Jasmine tells Insider, "The fact that I can't use certain payment processes, it's an automatic indicator that my money, my work is not welcomed. During the pandemic, we were not allowed to apply for a small business loan, but we pay our taxes just like everyone else."

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Black History Month

Jet Setting Jasmine wears many hats and we’re always keen for a headwear fashion show. We sat down with the mother turned clinical therapist turned pornstar extraordinaire to discuss therapy and healing, the sustainability of sex work and the intersections of being a Black performer in the industry.

I was a young mother, I was in a domestic violence relationship, and I was trying to finish school, and explore the different resources that would allow me to do that.


Black Love

One of porn’s greatest renaissance men, King Noire produces porn from Black creators that features Black talent, technicians, writers and directors — the only real way to break out of porn’s still-racist mold

In the infamous carol “The 12 Days of Christmas,” the singer brags about all the bossy gifts their “true love” gave them for the holidays.



The United States is known (and mocked in many Western countries) for having an abysmal sexual education system, particularly in public schools.

Education regarding sexuality encompasses many forms and angles, and learning about consent and destigmatization is essential to move forward with a healthier, happier, safer society.


The Daily Beast

Meet the Therapist to the Porn Stars—Who’s Also a Porn Star

Jet Setting Jasmine has produced and starred in her own porn for a decade. She’s been a licensed therapist for even longer, and now, helps sex workers navigate the adult industry.



Mother-Daughter Duo Jet Setting Jasmine and Omani Lynn Lead the Way on Cannabis Positivity

Jet Setting Jasmine and her eldest daughter Mani Lynn sit down with Honeysuckle to talk about being a cannabis-friendly family and how their openness has led to safer, healthier use.



"Ask almost any Black woman in the porn world and you’ll get the same answers. Less pay, fewer roles, racist titles." -Lasha Lane 

A group of Black porn performers (The BIPOC Adult Industry Collective) have formed a collective calling for significant changes in the adult entertainment industry, including getting rid of agents and managers and having more Black women executives.


Psychology Today

"Living in truth is what we want for our clients, so we as therapists have to be willing and able to do so as well."

Jet Setting Jasmine talks stigma, authenticity and transparency in her interview in Psychology Today's "My Therapist, the Porn Star".


Let's Talk About It

Taylor is joined by King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine, who are three-time award-winning adult film stars who have dedicated their craft to creating a more inclusive and ethically sound adult entertainment industry.  Together they own Jet Setting Jasmine and Royal Fetish Films where the love of the arts, film and sex education are combined to produce erotica that stimulates and engages the audience to push their sexual boundaries. 


Cassius Life 


According to King Noire, a master fetish trainer and owner of, the best course of action is to just say it.



Porn and Politics with King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine: On Being Black and Polyamorous


Moms And Dads

Far too many people think sex worker parents are unfit to raise kids. But OnlyFans is helping these performers grow as moms and dads — even with their future at stake

SFor a few days in early January, a strange envelope sat in the office of Sacred Heart Parish School Principal Theresa Sparks. Inside was a collection of sexy photos of Crystal Jackson, a 44-year-old computer engineer and popular OnlyFans model whose three boys, ages 8, 10 and 12, went to her school. 


Hollywood Reporter

As the social platform unveils a ban of sexually explicit content starting in October, sex workers say the company is placing them back in a financially precarious position that they had previously gotten out of because of the platform.

Siri Dahl was in a hair appointment on Aug. 19 when she found out the news: OnlyFans, the platform that she relies on for 90 percent of her income, would be banning sexually explicit photos and videos beginning in October.


Huffington Post

Yes, There’s a Safe Way to Have a Cannibalism Fetish. The Armie Hammer Story’s Not It

As a fetish educator, I’m so tired of seeing the Armie Hammer allegations used against the BDSM community


Huffington Post

9 Must-Read True Stories from 2020

King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine want to decolonize Black and Brown bodies in the adult film industry.

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Rolling Stone

Jet Setting Jasmine, a psychotherapist and master fetish trainer...notes that many of her followers are black or brown women between the ages of 25 and 45, a demographic that has historically felt removed from the voting process. “It’s so important these folks are engaged,” she says." 


Meet the Dominatrixes convincing submissives to vote blue. In the midst of a hotly contested presidential election, one demographic has been sorely overlooked: submissives. Dommes are going to great lengths to encourage their subs to register to vote.


BBC World News

The Documentary Podcast: Inside the World of the Financial Dominatrix

An exploration of the idea that money is power by looking at the fetish of financial domination.



"50 Shades Darker with Jet Setting Jasmine



Leather Harnesses, Ball Gags, and Furries Galore: My Weekend at a Fetish Convention

"At Psychological Domination, a class hosted by Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noir, the focus was how to dominate someone using techniques of the mind."





Business Insider

OnlyFans is like Instagram for NSFW images. Top Influencers explain how they're building big followings and earning 6 figures on the "paywall of porn"


King Noire, a sex worker on OnlyFans who specializes in kink and BDSM says that finding and developing a niche should be a creator's first priority.



Cam and Get It: Jet Setting Jasmine sits with Hustler Magazine to share tips to maximize your web camming experience


How We Met

How We Met is a series where xoNecole talks about love and relationships with real-life couples. We learn how they met, how like turned into love, and how they make their love work.

When it comes to sexuality, there have always been societal limitations centered on what is "acceptable." However, with more honest conversations about how fluid sexuality and sexual expression can be



Dear Black Love: Sexual Liberation With King Noire & Jet-Setting Jasmine

This Juneteenth, we're getting free of everything that has us (non-consensually) bound — including oppressive sex and relationship norms. Powerhouse porn star couple King Noire and Jet-Setting Jasmine are setting a beautiful example with their polyamorous relationship, and helping others get sexually free in the process.



How the BDSM Community’s Criticism of ‘Bonding’ Inspired Change in Season 2

In the penultimate episode of the second season of Netflix’s “Bonding,” Pete, aka Master Carter (Brendan Scannell), delivers a stand-up comedy set that his best friend and employer-dominatrix, Tiff, aka Mistress May (Zoe Levin), says he did not have permission to share because he is not truly of the community.

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 11.37.17


Meet the couple fighting porn's race problem

Whether we're talking about its reliance on fetishization, the overt pay discrepancies or the fact that it's always been a predominantly white space, it's no secret that porn has a race problem. But after 20 years of shared experience as performers, educators and master fetish trainers, Jet-Setting Jasmine and King Noire are trying to instigate change with their award-winning adult production company, Royal Fetish Films — and it's a masterclass in leading by example.



"In an era when our screens are filled with constant imagery of black suffering & black death, it serves to be reminded of the beauty & tenderness that are intrinsic to our existence." 


King Noire's poem "Sage" explores Pain, Pleasure & Black Love: The adult star and community activist wants people to know the Black community has more to offer than its pain.⁣

King Noire Only Fans Ad.png


 8 Black Only Fans Accounts To Keep You Company While You’re Quarantined



It's Time To Confront Porn's Biggest Taboo

Adult entertainment has a racism problem you wouldn't accept in any other area of life. So why do we look the other way when we're getting off?


Zora Magazine

‘I Can Be a Therapist and… Do Porn’

Meet Jet Setting Jasmine, the powerhouse who is rejecting cultural norms and breaking out of conventional expectations through her simultaneous work in clinical therapy and the adult film industry.

HS-Life in B&W.jpeg

Hip Hop Dx

Hasan Salaam Explains Balancing Porn Past With Positive Hip Hop

New Jersey native and VIPER Records recording artist Hasan Salaam offers a slightly different perspective on the adult sex industry though. His marked passion for porn is much deeper than chasing a thrill under the guise of a job title. For those familiar with Hasan’s narrative, his aim is an exact facsimile of everything he stands for.



You Don't Know King Noire

From quarantine, the renowned adult star opens up to Playboy about fatherhood, black joy and the responsibility of being an artist

FUSE TV's SEX SELLS Season 2 Episode 2

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