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Jasmine’s Garden is designed to be a stroker or penetratable avatar of the Queen of Royal Fetish Films, Jet Setting Jasmine. We combined artistry with technology to best honor her sensual image and your pleasures. The sculpture’s internal texture has gentle changes and petal shapes to caress the explorer’s penis, large clitoris, fingers, tongues, and anywhere you desire.

This penetratable masturbation sleeve-like toy is individually hand crafted in three or four parts, depending on size.

  • Figure side: our artist’s representation of Jasmine’s full body on a bed of flowers, relaxed and waiting for your pleasure
  • Entry side: sculpted to represent Jasmine’s vulva using guidance from our model-safe 3D scans, permanently attached to the figure side
  • Removable lid and stand: discreetly capping the vulva side, our firmer platinum silicone lid allows your penetratable sculpture to stand when not in use
  • Removable plug: Countess and Duchess sizes only - firm plugs blend with Jasmine's sculpture to cover the suction/drainage hole when not in use or to drastically increase suction in use

We’re finalized on a range of three sizes to help meet the widest range of lusty bodies.


Lady (4” / 102mm figure side) - This sculpture of Jasmine does not have a drainage hole in her clavicle area, increasing the suction.


Countess (8” / 203mm figure side) - This sculpture includes a drainage hole to customize suction and help thorough cleaning.


Duchess (12” / 305mm figure side) - Over 9 pounds of high quality platinum cure silicone! This sculpture includes a drainage hole to customize suction and help thorough cleaning.


A solid mini charm (~2” / 51mm) is included with every penetratable sculpture.

Jasmine's Garden Penetratable

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