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Art of Seduction: Foreplay to Climax
Learn how to send set the right scene for the night of your life. King and Jasmine give participants all the tools and cues necessary to seduce and how to master patience to deliver unforgettable foreplay. The lovers end this workshop with a live demonstration from foreplay to climax!


Fantasy Sex: Porn VS Reality

This workshop aids the participant in differentiating between what they see in porn versus how sex really works. This workshop dispels the myths about sexual hygiene, safe sex acts and consent. Award-winning porn stars and Master Fetish Trainers Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire provide an incredibly fun and informative hour of real XXX material to draw points home.

Impact Play

Spanking, flogging, and waxing are just a few ways fetish players enjoy the act of impact, but there is an art to how these acts are executed. Join Master Fetish Trainers Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire for an introduction into the world of impact play designed to inspire and educate the novice and experienced alike. Learn what tools to use, how to use them and how to recognize when your play partner has had enough. This is an interactive class so come prepared to participate or simply watch live demos of the action impact enthusiasts crave.

Normalizing Fetishes

Exploring the world of Fetishes can be just as overwhelming as it is fun. Fetish training is a service provided by Jet Setting Jasmine LLC. A Fetish Trainer is an intimacy professional that is skilled at helping single and/or couple clients explore fetishes. Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire take a non-judgmental and supportive approach to normalize some of their participant's most intimate desires and or introduces fetishes in a safe environment. Submissive, dominate and switch roles are awakened through the session. Many are surprised to find out what their role is but once they find it, the real exploration begins.

Porn & Parents: Sex-Positive Parenting
This webinar or in person, taught by King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine discusses the challenges with raising children while being fully engaged in the adult industry. We hit topics from co-parenting, age-appropriate sex communication and how to safeguard families from external factors, such as bullying. Techniques to safeguard children change as they get older and performers become more engaged in their careers. As parents of a young adult, high-school-age child and toddler; we target several developmental milestones as it relates to sex-positive parenting.


Royal Fetish Film Voyeur Experience

Have you ever wanted to be the ultimate voyeur? Filming an adult film is many people’s fantasy and thanks to Jet Setting Jasmine’s Royal Fetish Film, it can be your reality. Royal Fetish Films puts the camera and directing in your hands for full live performance by Jasmine and/or King. The two turn on the role play for an unforgettable live xxx show and leave you with an experience you won’t forget—because you’ll get a copy of your work for viewing long after class.

Trauma, Drama, and Kink
This intro workshop/webinar will explore how an alternative approach to exposure therapy in the form of role-playing and BDSM/ Kink can support healing existing traumas. Revisiting past trauma, in the right context, allow the participants space where s/he has control over what happens and how the scene ends. Reframing and creating positive experiences in place of the negative provide a new opportunity to live free. This is vital to those performers that are engaged in similar sex work with clients, as well as for their own personal trauma/kink experiences.


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